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 The Album Name and Track 1: "The Dollar Man"

The Dollar Man is Tim O'Grady Jr's debut album that features eleven songs about his life growing up and living in rural Southern Wisconsin. Track number 1 is the title track for the album and talks about "working hard for the family that we love" and "trying to do the best that we can". The first verse of the song is directed towards a heated "discussion" Tim had with a man after a show one night. The man was a banker and claimed that Tim must be a rich man for owning his 17 year old pickup truck outright. Finally they had to agree to disagree and Tim came away with a couple lines for the song. "The Dollar Man" is also a nod to Tim's Grandpa Don. When Tim was little, many times when he would go to his Grandparents' house, Tim's Grandpa Don would give him a dollar as Tim was leaving.

Track 2: "This Little Town"

"This Little Town" is a song about Tim's childhood growing up in Shopiere, WI. It's presented as a conversation between him and a friend from out of town. All of the events in the song actually happened, except for the conversation that Tim is having with a friend in the song. Tim wrote the song at a time when he was traveling a lot between school and home. There is also a sense of yearning for his childhood and a simpler time when his family was still together.

This Little Town Cover Art.png
Christmas at the Tavern Website Cover Art.png

Track 3: "Christmas at the Tavern"

"Christmas at the Tavern" is about family Christmas' Tim's family had when he was around 6 years old. His mom's side of the family would meet at a local tavern to have their family Christmas celebration. Everyone would bring a dish to pass, enjoy a couple of beverages and enjoy each others company. Uncle Jerry Lee, who owned the bar at the time, would put on a Santa hat and bring a sack of candy and adult beverages to hand out to everyone. It was always a joyous time of year!

Track 4: "Burden"

"Burden" is a heart-breaking song about Tim's battle with depression and suicidal thoughts after his parents were divorced. They split up when Tim was about 10 years old and left a permanent scar on his life, the way he views the world and relationships. His Mom's dependency on drugs and alcohol and constant fighting in his parent's relationships, further cemented his belief that he was a burden to his family and the rest of the world.

Track 5: "Tonight (My Fraulein)"

 Tim wrote "Tonight (My Fraulein)" when he was only 18 years old. His girlfriend (now wife), Marissa, was on a two week trip to Germany, with that two weeks feeling like an eternity. He asks, rhetorically, "where are you now?", "when will you be here?" and describes what he would do if she were with him. This romantic song was heavily influenced by do-wop love songs of the 1950's and 60's.

Track 6: "Church by the Highway"

Tonight - My Fraulein Cover Art.png
Church by the Highway Cover Art.png
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